Mortein: The power to protect mosquitoes

“All noise but nothing to show for it” is a sentence I would love to attribute to an insecticide.

You see, mosquitoes + malaria have always been Africa’s greatest enemy.

Statistics have shown that Malaria kills about 1.2 million people yearly; with Africa accounting for 91% (Nigeria, DRC, Uganda and Ethiopia account for about 50%) of deaths recorded. It is the second LEADING cause of death in Africa (second to HIV). And what is more alarming is the fact that of all the medical facilities Africa possesses, 40% are used to treat malaria. O_O

Now you see how lucrative insecticide business is in Nigeria and Africa in general. *maybe I should start producing mine 😀 *

My headache now is, why would a brand like Reckitt Benckiser Household (ironically, its a Chinese company), come up with a make believe mosquito terminator product, MORTEIN. When you see adverts of this product, you would be convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that
surely Armageddon is on mosquitoes.

I had first purchased their spray insecticide, but nothing happened. It was like the mosquitoes in my crib were having a get together on my flesh.

Okies, just maybe the spray ain’t good enough. So I decided to get the Liquid Electrical refill, hoping that that will be my deliverer from the evil proboscis Quitoes posses.

After purchasing ”all new Mortein, the POWER TO PROTECT” insecticide, I said to myself; ”today na today…una go hear am”.

I hurried home, took out my ”deliverer” from its pack and quickly connected it to a socket on the wall. Yes…”this is it”, was all my head reiterated. Little did i know it was just another money and effort gone down the worthless expenditure drain. The Quitoes were probably laughing at me when I brought out their supposedly

Rather than bring demise to the evil insects, it acted as a vitamin giving drug. It made them healthier. Smh!

I would’ve just stuck to the insecticide my family and I have always trusted, but you wouldn’t blame me; with all the action packed adverts everywhere better than Nollywood flicks, I only wanted to see for myself by trying something new. Oh yeah! I did see O_O and I am

As far as I am concerned, I’m done with them. The war on Quitoes rages on.

By the way, the night acappella group whisperers inspired this article. I just couldn’t sleep. Kudos to them. Y’all days are numbered though. Thanks! 😀