See Joke Silva, Akin Lewis, Nedu and a host of other stars as Mad King of Ijudiya returns to MUSON

If you have not treated yourself to a theatre experience before, then…this should be your first!!!

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Thespian Family Theatre, a theatre production house, is returning with a stage production titled ‘Mad King of Ijudiya’.

The production which features notable actors like Joke Silva, Akin Lewis, Nedu of Wazobia FM, Paul adams, Shaffi Akinrimisi, Michael Odiachi, Inna Eriza and and a host of others, will be staged at Agip Hall, Muson Centre.

According to the production house, ‘Mad King of Ijudiya’ is electrifying and highly entertaining, yet educating stage play, brought to the Lagos audience with a rich blend of folklore, traditional dance and music that naturally transports the audience to a typical African village setting.

It is very family friendly so parents do not need to leave their children out of the fun as there is something for both the young and old. Mad King of Ijudiya will surely be a good way to end the year 2013.

The play is written by Ayo Jaiyesimi and directed by Abiola Segun Williams.

It will be staged at Muson Centre, Onikan Lagos, on the 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th of December 2013; with two shows, at 3pm and 6pm respectively.

Tickets: VVIP 20 000 ; VIP 10 000; Couple 8 000; Regular 5 000; Children 2 000.

Tickets available at Healthplus Ikeja, Surulere and Palms shopping Malls, Bruno’s place Ikeja, and online on,,, and

I saw Crystal Slipper earlier this year and it was a blast of an experience.

Theatre gives those moments that you savour  for  a long time.

Follow @thespianfamily on twitter as well as like their facebook page; for all updates. Also watchout for the hashtag #HappyEnding




Mortein: The power to protect mosquitoes

“All noise but nothing to show for it” is a sentence I would love to attribute to an insecticide.

You see, mosquitoes + malaria have always been Africa’s greatest enemy.

Statistics have shown that Malaria kills about 1.2 million people yearly; with Africa accounting for 91% (Nigeria, DRC, Uganda and Ethiopia account for about 50%) of deaths recorded. It is the second LEADING cause of death in Africa (second to HIV). And what is more alarming is the fact that of all the medical facilities Africa possesses, 40% are used to treat malaria. O_O

Now you see how lucrative insecticide business is in Nigeria and Africa in general. *maybe I should start producing mine 😀 *

My headache now is, why would a brand like Reckitt Benckiser Household (ironically, its a Chinese company), come up with a make believe mosquito terminator product, MORTEIN. When you see adverts of this product, you would be convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that
surely Armageddon is on mosquitoes.

I had first purchased their spray insecticide, but nothing happened. It was like the mosquitoes in my crib were having a get together on my flesh.

Okies, just maybe the spray ain’t good enough. So I decided to get the Liquid Electrical refill, hoping that that will be my deliverer from the evil proboscis Quitoes posses.

After purchasing ”all new Mortein, the POWER TO PROTECT” insecticide, I said to myself; ”today na today…una go hear am”.

I hurried home, took out my ”deliverer” from its pack and quickly connected it to a socket on the wall. Yes…”this is it”, was all my head reiterated. Little did i know it was just another money and effort gone down the worthless expenditure drain. The Quitoes were probably laughing at me when I brought out their supposedly

Rather than bring demise to the evil insects, it acted as a vitamin giving drug. It made them healthier. Smh!

I would’ve just stuck to the insecticide my family and I have always trusted, but you wouldn’t blame me; with all the action packed adverts everywhere better than Nollywood flicks, I only wanted to see for myself by trying something new. Oh yeah! I did see O_O and I am

As far as I am concerned, I’m done with them. The war on Quitoes rages on.

By the way, the night acappella group whisperers inspired this article. I just couldn’t sleep. Kudos to them. Y’all days are numbered though. Thanks! 😀

Arsenal or Super Eagles: Which is worse?

empexy confused

FYI: This article was written some months before the Super Eagles prove their critics (I was proudly one) wrong. We are proudly and deservedly AFRICAN CHAMPIONS now! :).

With all protocols duly observed, lets get reading 😀

“Gunners for life”!!! … Are you freaking kidding me??? Chant not that phrase at me anymore if you don’t want both hands of mine shoved down your throat. Ok, I’m kidding. But on a serious note, please don’t.

Sometimes, I ponder which is worse; being a supporter of Arsenal FC or of the Super Eagles (or Nigerian football in general). Both teams are high-end distributors of hypertension.

You know, growing up, I had no choice but to love football. I was born into a family where my father had so much passion for football; all I had to do was follow suit.

Once I became a lover of football, supporting Nigeria was no more a choice, it became an obligation.

I remember Atlanta 96 (Olympic Games), I and my Dad (funny enough, I’m the only one of 5 kids, who has love for football) stayed up all nights to see our games including the 4-3 defeat of Brazil in the semi-finals and later on Argentina in the Finals.

Those were however, some of the rare highlights of being a fan of Nigerian football as far as my age is concerned (not too old neither too young :D).

Further down memory lane, being a fan has had some exciting moments but it only gets worse as the years go by. Nigerian football (Under17, 20, 23; Super Eagles, Super Falcons, Falconets, Flamingos) has become a hyper-giving sport for passionate lovers of the game.

Well, the reason for decadence in Nigerian football is not farfetched as I wouldn’t expect much from a country with bad governance.

Arsenal Football Club are not far different from the Super Eagles. Both teams get your hopes so high and then dash them when you thought “this is it”. But the only major difference would be management.

You see, I became a fan of the North London Club by choice and it’s still by choice although I find it difficult bowing out (I perceive the use of voodoo a.k.a illuminatti syndrome).

How I got myself involved with this “next season” English club, is something I wouldn’t thank Nwankwo Kanu (the hero of Atlanta 96) for.

Nigerian football Legend, Kanu, made me like the Gunners. His miracle at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea FC in 1999 was the “liking point”.

The Gunners have had their own good spell of glorious moments. But just like Nigeria and every other team, they have also had their “blackouts”; with the blackouts steadily leading the contest.

Only just recently the North London side were treated to their regular eviction party as THEY (no more referring to them as WE) were bundled out of the Capital One Cup. Guess who knocked THEM out………..BRADFORD CITY!!! No disrespect to the Division II side though, but you would’ve expected a club like ARSENAL to make me proud. THEY never did.

Now the question on my mind is “being a fan of Arsenal, is it good or bad”?

The answer is………………….it is BAD!!!

I will start by pointing out the key features of this club or should I say what everyone has now known the club to be in the past 8 years, no thanks to the Frenchman, Arsene Wanker, sorry… I meant, Arsene Wenger.

Inconsistency: Ever pondered why a team would win a game by as much as 5, 6 goals and lose their next game with a dismal performance and not even to a better team? Ponder no more, it’s Arsenal. It’s become a trademark for the North London team. The Gunners are more confused than the wind or should I say MTN.

Please don’t let your life be that way. Be consistent in success. Yeah, they won 7-3 against Newcastle, good! Let’s pray they win their next match.

Trophy-less in 8 seasons: As an adult, living for eight years without achieving a single thing? Deliverance will be advised.

“Next season” chants: Arsenal fans are fond of the “next season” phrase. “Next season we will win a trophy”. That is something I call ”hopeful hopelessness”.

You expect things to change but you don’t change the way you do things…Are you a learner? What are you expecting… divine intervention right? Keep on waiting, it is coming.

Being contented with finishing second, third or fourth to the champion:

Wenger was quoted to have said that finishing fourth in the league and securing a Champions league spot is better than winning the league or FA cup. What the heck???

My brothers and sisters please reject that for your life. It is a loser’s spirit straight from the pit of hell. Why would you always want to walk in the shadows of a champion, don’t you ever want to be in that Hall of fame? Once again, bind and rebuke such spirit.

Buy inferior players and expect Messiless delivery from them:

For goodness sakes, Arsenal is the fifth richest football club in the world. THEY have the money to spend on Cristiano Ronaldo (including his manicure, pedicure and hair salon expenses) if they want to. But nooooo!!! They would rather buy a “Chinko blackberry and expect it to ping”.

In life, you are expected to always go for the best when the money is there. Imagine Dangote driving around in Gulf 2 (no offence to owners of that cool ride…Just an illustration) O_O.

Sell Gold and buy dozens of Copper:

Who does this better than Arsene Wanker?…sorry once again, I meant Arsene Wenger.

Everyman is expected to have a good taste for awesome things, but the North Londoners do exactly the opposite. They sell craftsmen and replace them with “make believe” craftsmen (Van Persie à Giroud; Nasri à Gervinho; Fabregas à Ramsey; Song àArteta; and many more).

There are other salient features of the Emirates Stadium club side but I’m done for now.

If you still deem it fit to be a true and passionate supporter, good luck! As for me I think I’ve had enough of their loser’s instincts.

And if you think the Club’s way of life is not affecting the way you reason, think again, because you need to start reasoning like a champion and not 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best to nobody.

I’m club-less (a lil bit attached to the ‘next season’ club though) for now…waiting for good offers.

However, I’ve been thinking Manchester City and Real Madrid. 😀


Mad King Of Ijudiya

So I came across this event coming up on the 29th and 30th 0f December, 2012.

Below are details:

From the producers of The Five Maids of Fadaka (a stage play which featured big Nollywood names like Nobert Young, Gloria Young, Bimbo Manuel, Rachel Oniga, Carol King and Iyke Ikechukwu among others) Thespian Family Theatre presents; Mad king of Ijudiya

Mad King of Ijudiya is a Christmas play with a difference. It is an adaptation of a Christmas story featuring a rich blend of folklore, traditional dance and music; transporting the audience to a typical African village setting.

The story is about an awed King – King Ero ba ni’se, the great King of Ijudiya, who in the discovery of a rival within his territory, ‘flips his lid’ completely and goes to an outrageous extent to prove that he is the one ordained by the gods to rule. Even more annoying to the King is the discovery that the new entrant on the scene is a mere child.

In order to eliminate the encroachment on his sovereignty by this rather strange opposition, Ero ba ni’se adopts different methods to get his competitor out of the way.

Nollywood stars to grace the stage include Joke Silva, Sequn Arinze, Gloria Young, Iyke Ikechukwu, Monalisa Chinda, Florence Uwaleke and many more.

Venue: Agip Hall, Muson Centre

FREE tickets will be given out on their Facebook page ( and Twitter account (@thespianfamily)

If you are a fan of theatre art and quality presentation or just a good fan of Nollywood, this is surely “The show” for you and your family.

If you are unlucky to win any of the free tickets, you can however purchase them at the following outlets:

E-Centre Ozone Cinema @ sabo

Muson Centre @ Onikan

Cinnamon Cafe @ Victoria Island

Glendora Bookshop @ Ikeja City Mall

Healthplus @ surulere, Ikeja City Mall and The Palms, Lekki

Jazzhole @ Awolowo Road Ikoyi

The Hub Media @ the Palms Lekki

Online purchase at