Apps a business user of Android should have

Although Blackberry has been tagged the business smartphone, other smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows) are not doing bad in that area.Blackberry has a secure messaging service (Blackberry Messenger) which is mostly preferred by professionals for interaction between colleagues, but that hasn’t stopped its market share from crashing since 2010.
Recent years has seen Blackberry users migrate to other smartphones (Iphone, Samsung, HTC etc.); but these migrants are most times faced with the challenge of what app they should have installed on their device(s).


Here is a list of apps that most business users can benefit from when they are getting started on Android.

1) Whatsapp

This is undoubtably the most used messaging app across all platforms (Symbian, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows). With over 200 million active monthly users, it competes with one of Blackberry’s major advantages over other smartphones: Blackberry Messenger.

2. Swiftkey
Since most Android smartphones are touchscreen; a far cry from what Blackberry offers (hardware qwerty keys)this app aids easy typing. Swiftkey lets you swipe
across the keyboard with one finger in the general direction of the letters you want to make up a word and then it predicts with startling accuracy the word you are making.3. Genius Scan
Smartphones have not only replaced most point-and-shoot cameras, but the cameras in smartphones can also replace most of the functions of two other technologies; scanners and photocopiers. With Genius Scan you can take photos of a multipage document, order the pages, turn it into a PDF, and then save it to Dropbox, Google Drive,, Evernote, or SkyDrive. Or, you can just print it or email it.

4. Evernote

Evernote can be a tremendously useful tool for note-taking and information retrieval. It offers online synchronisation and backup services; meaning whatever you do on your mobile can be accessed while on desktop.

5. Tripit

It is a trip planner that keeps all of your travel plans in one spot. Simply forward confirmation emails to and TripIt will automatically build an itinerary for your trip
that you can access anytime, either online
or from a mobile device. Part of Tripit’s magic is that it’s powered by some excellent backend systems that automate things for you.

6. Google/Yahoo Finance
If you work in the corporate world then you typically are going to track market performance and business developments, since the stock market is traditionally
considered a future economic indicator. This App gives real-time updates on the various international stock markets and lets you set up portfolios so you can track market segments like tech or health care or aerospace and the most important companies in those markets.

7. Linkedin
With over 150 million users, Linkedin used to just be an online resume network, but it has methodically added more and more business-friendly features to

that point that it’s become an indispensable professional tool. Linkedin has dedicated a lot of resources to improving its mobile apps recently and with more people using the service to share links and updates, this is arguably the most valuable social media app for professionals.

8. Accuweather

With NEMA’s prediction of Tuesday’s heavy downpour that went unrealised, Accuweather would be a recommended App. There are tons of weather apps

and widgets on Android, but the one that offers the best combination of convenience and in-depth information is Accuweather. The app itself has in-depth meteorological data, hourly and daily views, maps, and video.9. Google Translate
If you work in a growing, expanding business or a larger organisation then there’s an excellent chance that you now work with people in other countries and you have to overcome the language barrier. Whether you’re studying another language to help bridge the gap, translating documents or emails, or just quickly looking up translations to words or phrases, the Google Translate app will be a valuable resource.

10. Speed TestThis takes care of phones lag while doing simple things like loading web pages or sending files or downloading images. While surfing the internet, the best way to quickly tell if you’re being limited by your connection is to fire up the Speedtest and see if you’re experiencing any lag in Ping (latency) or Download/Upload speeds (bandwidth). This will tell you if your cell site is overcrowded or if your Wi-Fi connection is throttled or overloaded.
Other important apps are email/IM apps or Office Suite (Google drive, SkyDrive, Drop Box; Kingsoft, Office Mobile; Google Talk, Windows Live messenger, Y!Messenger etc.). Those are also essential apps (some are pre-installed) every business inclined person will inevitably have.