Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


Wishing y’all a joyous Holiday Season and a smashing New Year!




Mad King Of Ijudiya

So I came across this event coming up on the 29th and 30th 0f December, 2012.

Below are details:

From the producers of The Five Maids of Fadaka (a stage play which featured big Nollywood names like Nobert Young, Gloria Young, Bimbo Manuel, Rachel Oniga, Carol King and Iyke Ikechukwu among others) Thespian Family Theatre presents; Mad king of Ijudiya

Mad King of Ijudiya is a Christmas play with a difference. It is an adaptation of a Christmas story featuring a rich blend of folklore, traditional dance and music; transporting the audience to a typical African village setting.

The story is about an awed King – King Ero ba ni’se, the great King of Ijudiya, who in the discovery of a rival within his territory, ‘flips his lid’ completely and goes to an outrageous extent to prove that he is the one ordained by the gods to rule. Even more annoying to the King is the discovery that the new entrant on the scene is a mere child.

In order to eliminate the encroachment on his sovereignty by this rather strange opposition, Ero ba ni’se adopts different methods to get his competitor out of the way.

Nollywood stars to grace the stage include Joke Silva, Sequn Arinze, Gloria Young, Iyke Ikechukwu, Monalisa Chinda, Florence Uwaleke and many more.

Venue: Agip Hall, Muson Centre

FREE tickets will be given out on their Facebook page ( and Twitter account (@thespianfamily)

If you are a fan of theatre art and quality presentation or just a good fan of Nollywood, this is surely “The show” for you and your family.

If you are unlucky to win any of the free tickets, you can however purchase them at the following outlets:

E-Centre Ozone Cinema @ sabo

Muson Centre @ Onikan

Cinnamon Cafe @ Victoria Island

Glendora Bookshop @ Ikeja City Mall

Healthplus @ surulere, Ikeja City Mall and The Palms, Lekki

Jazzhole @ Awolowo Road Ikoyi

The Hub Media @ the Palms Lekki

Online purchase at

Lagos: a country in Nigeria

What does the Chairman of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola, want for Lagosians? These days, his actions make me think that he doesn’t want many people in his domain.

Lagos as it is known, is that heart of commercialisation; every damn business that you can think of can be found here. It is a hustle state.

Many migrate from the thickest of all villages down here for greener pastures, which is ironic though, because the grass ain’t that greener here but either ways, they just prefer Lagos.

As a kid that didn’t grow up in Lagos, I heard stories of this populous city and imagined all sort of things. But on getting here, it’s been over 12 years now and honestly, life here is on the fast lane (high BP levels).

I’ve been to states like Owerri, Osun and I’d say that living there is worth every penny, as there are many unexploited opportunities. But no one cares mehn, Lagos is the way forward.

Having said so much, it seems the state government has seen the desperate heart of Lagos loving Nigerians and have decided to give people that second thought on why they migrate to the hustle state.

I may not know the “real” motive behind the registration and issuing of identity cards to Lagos inhabitants, which is to commence in 2013, but according to a report, it is aimed at “providing better governance and to control the influx of ILLEGAL CITIZENS”.

Illegal citizens? When did citizens of a country become illegal citizens of another state within the same country? Or is the state government trying to pass a coded message (go back to your villages)?

I accept that keeping track of the inhabitants of a state is a wonderful idea, as every advanced country does that. But is that what my dear state government should be worried about at this point in time? Have they finished providing for my basic needs (employment, light, security of life and property, shelter etc.)

Last year, the state government restricted the operation of commercial bikers from 8pm and that was backed up with the excuse that robbery cases have been facilitated by them. To me, it was a reasonable decision.
Just weeks ago, another law to totally ban these riders from major roads was implemented with no justification except for the clichéd robbery cases.

To what should I owe this law? Since its implementation, life in the state which has not been so easy, got worse. I mean, going out on a normal day without your own car, has gotten to the level of “fatigue” (the military meaning). Some okada riders who can’t afford to secure any other jobs, have been rendered jobless.

I would like to remind the state government that Section 41 of the 1999 Constitution states that, “Every citizen of Nigeria is entitled to move freely throughout Nigeria and to reside in any part thereof…”.

From the aforementioned section of the constitution, it is clear that okada riders and citizens are at freedom to move throughout a state/country. So it can be said that the ban is an infringement of rights.

Besides the ban on bikers and the soon to be introduced registration of citizens, Lagos has got more uniform men than Tolu Complex at Ajegunle. It’s like almost every offence you can think of has its own uniform men. LASTMA, VIO, Road Safety, KAI, LAWMA (yeah, they’ve got their own fair share of uniform power), the Men In Black (Police) etc. Are some of the uniform men operating in the hustle state. I even heard there are now anti one-way agents. O_o

Well, there’s nothing wrong with having too many security agents in a state, but the question is, how effective are they?

I know my dear governor wants the best for us but I would like him to calm down. He should look on the bright side of having lots of people in his state. Below are few of the numerous benefits;

— a hotspot for any business activity
— an investment haven for companies
— more people to pay tax, therefore generating more income, and many more…

Also, when the federal government is allocating money every month, he’ll get a bigger share, which we all know that not all the cash will be spent on the state ;). So why complain of immigrants? Just saying 😀

By the way, if the state government really needs to ban anything…why not touts/agberos. Thank you!