When ‘fun’ goes sour

Celebrating birthdays while in secondary school meant going home drenched in water.

We don’t know who invented the act of drenching celebrants (Water Bath a.k.a Inventory X) but we all accepted it like men who have been wandering the desert for days and suddenly stumble on an ocean. O_o

I had friends who went through such embarrassing but fun filled moments. Fortunately, I never did because my birthday was and is always on a holiday (December 26th :D ).

Graduating from Secondary School (High School), and gaining admission into a higher institution (University/College), the thought of Inventory X vanished from my head, so did”Kolo”(or torose, but no English meaning), Table soccer,”Egbon”(check Yoruba dictionary), Game centre, Stand-still,”I like you thing”etc.

Never would I have thought that a seemingly harmless Inventory X would be the cause of an untimely demise.

By the way, if you didn’t partake in any of the activities mentioned above; NA WA for your childhood o.

The 29th of August won’t be easily forgotten by Miss Omodesola Olusoji, as it marked her birthday and also a near death experience for her.

Little Miss Omodesola, a fresher at Yaba College of Technology, Business Administration department, must have woken up on that bright and wonderful day feeling elated and excited; nothing could go wrong in her mind.

Birthday girl was turning 17 on this faithful day, when tragedy struck. Just as the ritual of Inventory X, friends chased and gathered around her like a pick pocket at mushin market who was about to face jungle justice. Everyone brought out their artilleries of water; 2litres, 10 litres, 15 litres etc. and baptised her like she just became born again.

A friend of hers who felt she was missing out on the fun hurried to her hostel to grab a keg she felt contained water… and there!!! hell was let loose.

The container which contained something arguably an identical twin of H2O, was a corrosive liquid meant for Entrepreneurship Development Project. There went the birthday fun, Lil Miss Omodesola’s face (rendered her partially blind) and some parts of her skin.

The question on everyone’s lips was, how on earth did Mr corrosive liquid (probably caustic soda) find its way into the girls hostel. Well, we know how school is…lecturers give you projects to do. Just maybe the student who owned Mr Corrosive was required to make Soap (caustic soda is one of its components) and she decided to keep it safe in her hostel knowing there are potential thieves everywhere in school.

Howbeit, I will blame this incident on Inventory X, and whoever the inventor is, should take full responsibility.

The culprit who administered the the wrong amount of corrosive liquid dosage on B-Day girl meant no harm and it was just a case of ‘fun gone sour’.

The unlucky and remorseful culprit was dismissed from school the next day and Miss Omodesola who is now at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), is recuperating and responding to treatment.

However, It must be said that there are some ‘fun’ we should learn to outgrow.


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