The ASFF press conference experience

I and Mrs. Muna Iyanam (President of WIFTIN)

My face was graced with a BIG GRIN as I sat in this room. How it got there? Well, I was at my very first press conference for the first ever AFRICAN STUDENT FILM FESTIVAL (ASFF), at UNILAG’s Mass Communication department. Sitting around me were fellow reporters who were also there to cover the meeting.

By the way, I am a media man, won’t necessarily call myself a reporter or journalist. Let’s say I’m into new media and my name is Emmanuel Chidiogo (@empexy).

I’m at this press briefing for the film festival which will be coming up on the 7th of September, 2012, and every journalist in the room is putting up a serious face like we were in ancient Greece and about to battle in an arena.

The reporters around me were professionals (those who know their onions). Some of them had gadgets that I’m only opportune to see on TV. Yeah, I’m kind of new in the field of reporting and the guys with the sophisticated gadgets were from Silverbird Television (STV).

Now, why am I stressing that these guys were with gadgets I had not seen before? It isn’t far fetched because I was there with just my Lucky biro, little jotter and my camera phone (Nokia C7, which I thought could do all I needed). Am I here for the same purpose as these guys? Was the question that popped into my head. Oh well, I took a deep breath and looked around just to be sure I was in the right room only to find all their faces in some Seriousness. Jheeezzz!!!! A phrase flashed through my mind, which was spoken by the notorious joker in the “Dark Knight”; “why so serious, let’s put a smile on that face”. After all, it’s just a press briefing or are journalists meant to be serious always and not to recognise colleagues around them?

You might want to ask if I did try to strike a conversation with one of them, of course! I tried but the response? well, lets just say it was SERIOUS.

Howbeit, with my little gadgets, I was able to achieve my goal. It was just another experience added to my piggy bank of experiences and I also met a long time inspiration in the entertainment reporting world, Derin Ajao, as well as Muna Iyanam (President of WIFTIN). 🙂

Tips for newbies: When you are among professionals, don’t feel like an underdog, they were once like you.


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